Jared Hepworth, D.M.D.

As a dentist, Dr. Jared Hepworth strives to help educate our patients as they make decisions about their care. Though Dr. Hepworth is originally from San Diego, he attended school locally, graduating from Brigham Young University, then going on to Roseman University in South Jordan, Utah. After graduating from Roseman in 2015, he continued to practice in Utah. Today, he continues to keep ahead on upcoming improvements and technology in dentistry. In addition to his extensive CE coursework in implants, he is also constantly working with 3D technology to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. His goal with every patient is to help them feel more comfortable and confident, and live happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Hepworth is currently a member of the AGD, the Academy of General Dentistry.

In his free time, Dr. Hepworth enjoys spending time with his family, which is “his favorite hobby.” He also enjoys sports, especially baseball.

Dr. Todd Chikaraishi

Dr. Todd Chikaraishi, started the practice in the early 1990s and built a successful practice around trust and his relationships with patients. His retirement is a bittersweet feeling for patients. They are sad to see him go, but are excited for him to spend his time traveling and fishing. Dr. Hepworth is excited to build upon the legacy that Dr. Chikaraishi left.

Meet Our Team

Meet Dr. Jared Hepworth’s experienced dental team and find out about the great people who work at White Ridge Dental! Our practice is committed to providing excellent service with the help of our dentist and his team. Find out about each of our employees below, or call 801-890-2042 to visit our dental office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lori, Office Manager

Lori has been with the practice for over 18 years and has been working in dental care for over 30 years. She enjoys becoming friends with each of our patients, as well as working with Dr. Jared Hepworth’s great team. When patients come into our office, she helps explain and work out their financial concerns, helps them know the benefits of each treatment, and makes them feel comfortable at our office. Every day, she shows her passion for customer care and patient advocacy.

When not in the office, Lori loves to spend time with her family, ask well as to cook and bake. She is especially famous for her Lori-O’s recipe.

Tanya, Hygienist

For over 20 years, Tanya has been helping and educating patients at White Ridge Dental. She loves seeing patient come in and being able to make friends with them as they come back every year. Tanya was able to attend hygiene school at Weber State University. She has built up her career by working with Dr. Chikaraishi and is excited to work with our new dentist, Dr. Hepworth.

At home, Tanya loves spending time with and spoiling her grandkids.

Lynnette, Lead Assistant

Lynnette is our amazing lead assistant and since 1986 she has been serving patients chairside! Twenty years ago Lynnette and Lori first worked together. Today are back at it again, using their combined knowledge to help patients feel more comfortable and understand their dental needs.

Lynnette has 2 kids and 1 grandchild. She enjoys hiking, quilting and camping.

Sarah, Assistant

Sarah has been with the practice for 3 years and is an awesome resource for patients! She graduated from Dynamic Dental Assisting School in 2013.

Sarah has been married 3 years and enjoys art, Zumba, hiking and cats.