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Efficiency Meets Excellence

At WhiteRidge Aesthetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care through advanced technology . From digital imaging and intraoral scanners to computer-guided surgery and 3D printing, we leverage cutting-edge tools to ensure precise and accurate results.

By integrating these technologies into our treatment protocols, we can create smiles that are aesthetically pleasing and built to last a lifetime. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the chair as we continually invest in the latest advancements to enhance patient experiences and outcomes.

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Advantages of CEREC Crowns

Streamlining Your Tooth Crown Process

Discover the transformative benefits of choosing a CEREC dental crown restoration at Witeridge Aesthetic Dentistry —a groundbreaking solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional dental bridges and crowns. Going beyond the challenges of the past, this cutting-edge approach offers unmatched precision, quality assurance, design flexibility, and patient convenience. Guided by Drs. Hepworth and Sherman advanced 3D imaging software is utilized to create a detailed digital impression, capturing the intricacies of your dental structure.

This comprehensive impression integrates into our CEREC technology, generating a personalized restoration blueprint. This blueprint comes to life within our in-house milling machine, crafting your restoration right before your eyes. As you witness this process, the milling stage concludes, and your all-ceramic zirconium oxide CEREC crown or dental bridge undergoes careful sintering and glazing procedures to ensure strength and aesthetic excellence. Finally, your restoration is seamlessly placed, resulting in a flawless outcome.

Digital Technology That Allows You To See Your Smile Before Your Treatment

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Complete Smiles That
Make Your Wallet Happy

When it comes to designing a brand-new smile, it all starts with a simple conversation. What don’t you like about your smile? Is your current smile causing you pain and discomfort? Do you feel like your self-confidence has taken a hit because of it? These are the kinds of questions we will ask during your consultation. Once we understand your dental concerns and smile goals, we’ll obtain digital X-rays and diagnostics and perform a complete oral exam to determine your candidacy. From there, we’ll create a treatment plan that corrects your dental concerns and adheres to your smile goals.

We’ll then administer your choice of sedation and begin placing your dental implants in predetermined spots within your jawbone. Your implants will be placed at a 45-degree angle within your jawbone to ensure optimal support. Once placed, we’ll attach an abutment and place your temporary teeth for you to enjoy immediately! Once your dental implants have integrated with your jawbone over the next 3-6 months through Osseointegration, we’ll place your final restoration so you can enjoy your brand-new smile for decades!

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"I Look Like A Completely Different Man Due To My Full Mouth Rehabilitation!"

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