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Guided Implant Surgery for Precise Results

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Guided Dental Implant Surgery vs Free Hand

Guided Dental Implant Surgery vs Free Hand

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Redefining the Dental Implant Experience

Dental implants offer far more than just a remedy for missing or decayed teeth; they represent an investment in a life transformation. Picture a life where you no longer hold back your smile due to embarrassment. At WhiteRidge Aesthetic Dentistry, our skilled dentists excel in precise dental implant surgery.

We eliminate uncertainty, ensure precision, and deliver desired outcomes through guided implant surgery. Our guided implant surgery streamlines the process while guaranteeing a completely healthy and exquisitely beautiful smile. Discover the life-changing benefits of full mouth dental implants and welcome a new chapter filled with confidence and happiness.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery vs Free Hand

The Benefits of Guided Surgery

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Elevating Standards and Optimizing Patient Care

Crafting your smile to its former glory requires scientific precision and artistic finesse. Surgical guides, alongside the skilled hands of specialists in dental implant placement like Dr. Ric Sherman and Dr. Jared Hepworth, play pivotal roles in ensuring the success and aesthetics of procedures, particularly full mouth dental implants. These guides, tailored to your unique anatomy and treatment plan, offer unparalleled implant positioning and alignment accuracy, surpassing traditional methods.

The expertise of our seasoned professionals and guided implant surgery minimizes the risk of complications as they easily navigate the complexities of oral structures. Through this meticulous combination of surgical guidance and expert proficiency, you can anticipate functional improvement and the restoration of a seamlessly natural smile.

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Am I A Candidate for Dental implants?

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What to Expect with Guided Implant Surgery

Placing dental implants with guided surgery begins with detailed planning and assessment. Advanced imaging technologies such as CT scans create a precise 3D model of your jaw structure. This allows for meticulous implant placement planning, considering bone density, neighboring teeth, and nerve locations. With the aid of computer software, the exact position and angle of the implants are determined to optimize stability and aesthetics. Once the treatment plan is finalized, custom surgical guides are fabricated to guide the implant placement during surgery.

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