Frequently Asked Questions About All-On-X Dental Implants

Will All-On-X Dental Implants affect the ability to taste?

No. All-On-X Dental Implants use titanium implant posts to secure the implant to the jawbone. Zirconia is used for the construction of teeth. Both titanium and zirconia are tasteless. The tongue is responsible for taste. Consequently, the materials used will not influence the tasting responses of the tongue.

Are All-On-X Dental Implants sensitive to hot and cold temperatures?

No. Since All-On-X Dental Implants do not have nerves or ligaments attached, temperature sensations are not sensed. However, other mouth areas, such as the tongue, gums, inner cheeks, floor of the mouth, and roof, will feel sensations as usual. The patient experiences hot and cold temperatures in the same manner as before the procedure.

Do All-On-X Dental Implants interfere with speaking?

No. All-On-X Dental Implants function exactly like natural teeth. That being said, it can take a few days to adjust to having a full mouth of teeth restored. In many cases, speech improves after dental implants replace missing teeth.

Can biting and chewing be affected by All-On-X Dental Implants?

No. All-On-X Dental Implants bite and chew as a complete set of natural teeth. Biting and chewing improve for toothless patients after a procedure. Many patients report an increase in the enjoyment of food as their ability to bite and chew will be restored.

Is appearance changed with All-On-X Dental Implants? 

No. All-On-X Dental Implants are aesthetically pleasing. A smile becomes bright and perfect. In addition, dental imaging is used before the procedure, thus the precise creation of the newly implanted teeth. Many patients report an increase in self-confidence related to their appearance after dental implants are placed.

What materials are used to create All-On-X Dental Implants? 

All-On-X Dental implants use two primary materials. First, the implants secure to the jawbone with titanium posts. Second, zirconia gives the teeth a realistic, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Both materials are time tested in their ability to be durable and long lasting.

Is the All-On-X Dental Implant procedure painful?

Yes. Anesthesia is administered during the process. During the procedure patients report feeling pressure but no pain.  After, ibuprofen or acetaminophen is used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Do All-On-X Dental Implants develop bleeding?

Yes. The placement of All-On-X Dental Implants is oral surgery. However, the bleeding is easily managed by the doctor. Generally, up to three days after placement of dental implants, there will be some bleeding. Then, as the gums heal bleeding will cease.

How are All-On-X Dental Implants cared for after placement?

Immediately after surgery you doctor will inform you of the necessary care for the following seventy-two hours. Ater that All-On-X Dental Implants are managed in the same way as natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and twice-yearly cleaning should be continued. Just like natural teeth All-On-X Dental Implants require regular attention.

Will All-On-X Dental Implants change the shape of my mouth?

No. All procedures are performed virtually before placement. Then, through digital imaging, the doctors create a perfect replica of your mouth. Consequently, this leads to a custom fit with the same appearance as natural teeth. No two mouths are the same, as such doctors create a custom fit for every procedure.

Can All-On-Dental Implants stain like real teeth do?

No. Natural teeth has enamel on the outside that protects dentin, the layer beneath. When enamel wears off, stains enter the dentin and create discoloration. All-On-X Dental Implants are zirconia as one solid material. Thus, stains can not penetrate and change the color of dental implants.

How long will All-On-X Dental Implants last?

When properly cared for All-On-X Dental Implants can last a lifetime. The titanium posts used to attach implants to the jawbone create a permanent fusion. The teeth are made of zirconia. Zirconia has the strength of a metal but is white thus giving it the aesthetic appearance of real teeth.

Since All-On-X Dental Implants are surgery is hospitalization necessary?

No. The procedure is performed in the offices of Whiteridge Aesthetic Dental. Amazingly a patient can receive their All-On-X Dental Implants in one visit. Immediately after the surgery the patient is fitted with a perfect smile that is permanent.

Are All-On-X Dental Implants the same as dentures?

No. Dentures are removable from the mouth. They can become loose or fall out during eating or speaking. Foul tasting adhesives are necessary to keep dentures in place in the mouth. All-On-X Dental Implants are permanent. As a result, dental implants are cared for and have the feel of natural teeth.

Can the body reject All-On-X Dental Implants?

No. The body will reject biological, genetic material. Since All-On-X Dental Implants are titanium and zirconia, non-biological materials, the body can not reject either. There simply are not any living cells for the body to reject.

Can All-On-X Dental Implants improve my health?

Yes. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other disease. When the mouth has no teeth to break down food unnecessary bacteria can enter the bloodstream. All-On-X Dental Implants ensure the mouth will act as the first line of defense against disease.

What is osseointegration in dental implants? 

Osseointegration occurs when the titanium posts used to attach dental implants fuse with the jawbone. Usually, between one and two weeks after the procedure, the mouth returns to full use. However, complete osseointegration takes about three to six months before the titanium posts and fusing of the jawbone occur. The fusion creates a natural look with the same function as real teeth.

How do I know if I need All-On-X Dental Implants?

Whiteridge Aesthetic Dental offers a free initial consultation to determine if you are a candidate for All-On-X Dental Implants. The consultation includes an exam by the dentist and a full 360 3D set of X- rays. After the exam and the X-rays your doctor will discuss a treatment plan. Call Whiteridge Aesthetic Dentistry at 801-942-7770 for a free initial consultation.  Read about All-On-X Dental Implants here.

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