Put An End To Being Edentulous

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Edentulous (eee den chew less) is the medical term used to describe a person that no longer has any natural teeth. In other words a toothless person. One who is edentulous is literally handicapped. 

Missing all of your teeth creates the following health risks:

  • Limited nutrition
  • Morbidity, meaning a person is more likely to obtain certain diseases
  • Mortality, meaning a person that is toothless can have their life shortened
  • Psychological and emotional impact resulting from an altered appearance

Fortunately, modern technology and procedures allow for a return to a healthy smile and lifestyle. 

Whiteridge Aesthetic Dentistry has perfected the solution that will end the health risks associated with being toothless. Through Guided Dental Implant Surgery Dr. Jared Hepwoth and Dr Ric Sherman apply the latest technology as they fit you with All-On-X  Implant Supported Dentures. (Learn about All-On-X Implant Supported Dentures here)

Traditionally single tooth implants are placed on all 28 of your teeth. This called for 28 drillings into your jaw bone. The calculations for the placement of these 28 teeth were done manually as the procedure was performed.

Contrast that with Dr Sherman’s and Dr Hepworth’s procedures with All-On-X Implant Supported Dentures:

  • The procedure begins with a 360 degree 3D set of X-Rays. This allows the doctors to view your mouth from every possible angle
  • Crucial placement calculations of where to place implants are pre calculated thus allowing the perfect placement of each implant
  • With All-On-X surgery you will have a new smile the same day as your procedure
  • And, probably most important to the patient is that there is only a need for four to six implants in an All-On-X Implant Supported Denture

You do not have to face life edentulous, improve your dental health with the help of Whiteridge Aesthetic Dentistry.

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