When decay has spread to the inner portions of the tooth, or the tooth’s pulp has become infected, our dentists may recommend a root canal treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a restorative procedure that restores the pulp and inner tissue of the tooth. With this treatment, Dr. Jared Hepworth or Dr. Ric Sherman can relieve pain and prevent further damage. To schedule a root canal with Whiteridge Aesthetic Dentistry, call our office at 801-942-7770.

The Whiteridge Aesthetic Dentistry team invites you to come visit our dentists for all your dental care needs! Coming in for more than just a check-up? Dr. Jared Hepworth or Dr. Ric Sherman will be happy to provide cosmetic and restorative services, in addition to your regular check-ups and exams. If you would like to find out more, read below or call us at 801-942-7770 to plan an appointment with our dentists. Feel free to ask about our dental treatments in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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