Will All-On-X Dental Implants In Salt Lake City, UT, Benefit My Smile?

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Have a full arch of missing teeth that are making it hard to live life normally? When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to go to a skilled and trusted dental office to replace them with All-On-X dental implants in Salt Lake City, UT. Once All-On-X dental implants have been expertly placed in the patient’s mouth, they will benefit their smile in numerous ways.

Interested in learning how exactly people’s smiles will benefit from All-On-X dental implants? Continue reading to learn how All-On-X dental implants will benefit a patient’s smile.


How Will ALL-ON-X Dental Implants Benefit My Smile?

The All-On-X dental implant procedure is a full arch tooth replacement option that is made to restore the look, function, and health of a patient’s smile. The “X”, for All-On-X dental implants in Salt Lake City, UT stands for the number of dental implant posts needed to secure a beautiful and customized full arch prosthesis in place. All-On-X dental implants are able to benefit a patient’s smile in numerous ways.

Restores Biting, Chewing, And Speaking Capabilities:

Because the prosthesis for All-On-X dental implants are securely placed in the patient’s mouth with four or more permanently placed dental implant posts, they restore the functionality of their smile. This means that with All-On-X dental implants, the patient will be able to maintain a normal diet and speak clearly with their stable and secure new teeth.

Aesthetically Enhances The Look Of The Patient’s Smile:

The prosthesis used for All-On-X dental implants is fabricated so that its color, shape, and size give patient’s beautiful looking new teeth that look natural in their smile. Once the full arhc prosthesis is securely attached to the dental implants, the patient will have the confidence to show their new teeth.

Restores Jawbone Density:

The bone in the jaw will begin to shrink and resorb when people have a full arch of missing teeth. The four or more dental implant posts will be permanently placed in the patient’s jawbone where they have missing teeth, stimulating their jawbone so that it does not weaken.

With All-On-X dental implants, the patient’s jawbone density is restored, giving them a strong and healthy new smile.

Gives Immediate Results:

Under most circumstances, patients who are treated with All-On-X dental implants can be treated with a temporary prosthesis that is attached to the four or more dental implants on the same day that they are surgically placed. This means that the temporary prosthesis will give the patient a functional and beautiful new smile in one day.

Are Highly Successful:

The success rate of All-On-X dental implants is remarkably impressive. When patients get expertly treated with All-On-X dental implants, the success rate of their new smile will be 95% or more.

Are Easy To Care For And Maintain:

All-On-X dental implants are easy to care for and maintain. Patients only need to brush and floss their new teeth normally, in addition to keeping their regular dental cleanings.


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